Thursday, June 22, 2017

strawberry time

The strawberries are ripe much later this year. Sometimes I can get in a picking session before school gets out, but it didn't work out this year. The kids begrudgingly helped me pick a quart.

 photo 2017-06-22_1_strawberry_picking_003_zpspmvwqgqj.jpg

 photo 2017-06-22_1_strawberry_picking_004_zpsanijyrnh.jpg

Now things are looking better...

 photo 2017-06-22_2_biscuits_strawberries_001_zpsq4wgtpv4.jpg


 photo 2017-06-22_4_strawberry_shortcake_001_zpsfaslh2ft.jpg

forest hike

I created booklets with activities for the kids to do over the summer, earning "merit badges" and prizes. Jane did her first activity which was planning and leading a 2+ mile hike. It was fun except for the mosquitoes! She used my phone to make sure we were going where she planned on the map.

 photo 2017-06-21_3_town_forest_005_zpsrl0mlzp6.jpg

 photo 2017-06-21_3_town_forest_006_zpsmijdnbeg.jpg

 photo 2017-06-21_3_town_forest_010_zpslyf9vrnf.jpg


We went to the library and there was a turtle trying to cross the road! We convinced it to go back to the woodsy area instead of onto the main road in town.

 photo 2017-06-21_1_turtle_001_zps1bar0l4l.jpg

 photo 2017-06-21_1_turtle_002_zpswapbsxaw.jpg

last day of school

Malcolm was excited about the last day of school!

 photo 2017-06-20_waiting_for_bus_003_zpstitmna82.jpg

Both kids seem happy with their new teachers. When the came home, they had huge piles of schoolwork to go through!

Monday, June 19, 2017

father's day

Because of the humidity and chance of rain, we just took a short walk through Malcolm Preserve in Carlisle for father's day. Malcolm wouldn't pose with the sign!

 photo 2017-06-18_5_malcolm_preserve_001_zpsz5cugexe.jpg

 photo 2017-06-18_5_malcolm_preserve_005_zpsmzmckhzp.jpg

 photo 2017-06-18_5_malcolm_preserve_006_zpsenwqobio.jpg

Afterwards we had delicious sandwiches at Nashoba Brook Bakery!

 photo 2017-06-18_6_nashoba_brook_bakery_001_zpsgdoos1um.jpg

Saturday, June 17, 2017

two busy days

Over two days both kids had open houses at school, we went to the school picnic, I helped Jane's class with math and we went to a science program at the library. There are no pictures of the picnic because I spent the whole time looking for my children and mostly not finding them.

 photo 2017-06-15_1_p_open_house_002_zpsp82dkur8.jpg

 photo 2017-06-15_1_p_open_house_005_zpskpey8zsb.jpg

Malcolm chose a doctor as his community diorama subject.

 photo 2017-06-15_1_p_open_house_006_zpsbejevkf7.jpg

The whole class helped make this pond!

 photo 2017-06-15_1_p_open_house_009_zpswzdat8pl.jpg

Jane showed us the slide show her class made about the Northeastern US.

 photo 2017-06-15_3_m_open_house_001_zpsxgmmd3cz.jpg

Jane and her friends designed an animal geo-town.

 photo 2017-06-15_3_m_open_house_002_zpsq5eskvtk.jpg

Symmetry project

 photo 2017-06-15_3_m_open_house_004_zpsyes9wfbq.jpg

I spotted Malcolm when I was helping Jane's class!

 photo 2017-06-16_3_sunshine_math_002_zpsg6i2tzgr.jpg

 photo 2017-06-16_3_sunshine_math_004_zpshmiw9ke0.jpg

It was a rainy walk to the library!

 photo 2017-06-16_4_walking_rain_001_zpswmq7ln0f.jpg

Malcolm got to see acetone melting a styrofoam cup.

 photo 2017-06-16_5_sciencetellers_002_zps0fep6fgc.jpg

 photo 2017-06-16_5_sciencetellers_007_zpsg4oiclhi.jpg

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

fourth grade field trip

The day after the second grade field trip I went on another one with the fourth graders! This one was at a wildlife sanctuary. We did a lot of hiking!

 photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_002_zpsew7dr9e6.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_003_zpsvausghy3.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_005_zpsttlfsnm1.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_006_zpsdedinwdo.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_010_zpsmxhq5vyd.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_012_zpsvoo4neyi.jpg  photo 2017-06-13_1_fourth_grade_wachusset_meadow_014_zpsafjvlxdt.jpg