Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! The only bad part was that I forgot to charge the camera battery so I took most of these with my phone, and they didn't come out that well!

 photo 2016-11-23_thanksgiving_prep_001_zpsxmhiyzay.jpg

 photo 2016-11-23_thanksgiving_prep_005_zpsmbw0mygf.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_005_zpsjv2woxtc.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_009_zpsxcakdbol.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_010_zpsfa2pauax.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_012_zpsnl5ycear.jpg

Playing baseball with a snowball and stick!

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_020_zpspsgz7xet.jpg

Reagan's broken arm didn't slow her down at all.

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_024_zps6dpkxvsa.jpg

Willow has a ponytail now!

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_027_zpsje2cf8rl.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_028_zpsc1dfypyj.jpg

Crafts with Nana

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_030_zpsrtv2adsn.jpg

Monday, November 21, 2016

beast scavenger hunt

Over the weekend the kids saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, then they did a related scavenger hunt the next day at the Natural History Museum.

 photo 2016-11-20_1_hmnh_001_zpsfng4ec7o.jpg

The "werewolf" was in this room.

 photo 2016-11-20_1_hmnh_003_zps7q8usdxw.jpg

 photo 2016-11-20_1_hmnh_007_zpsnt1mgugh.jpg

Jane said the museum was "boring."

 photo 2016-11-20_1_hmnh_009_zpsn4lylxbi.jpg

They found a few more things in the Peabody Museum before we left.

 photo 2016-11-20_1_hmnh_014_zpsl18gtb9w.jpg

After stopping at Penzeys Spices in Arlington, we went to Otto Pizza for lunch. It was good! Malcolm wasn't interested in the cauliflower and mushroom pizza so he had pepperoni.

 photo 2016-11-20_2_otto_003_zpslhudqjnc.jpg

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

pin pals

The kids and I had fun bowling the other day!

 photo 2016-11-08_2_bowladrome_001_zpsgpx4xrgz.jpg

 photo 2016-11-08_2_bowladrome_007_zps4vuysz0o.jpg

Monday, November 7, 2016


We saw a great Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the science museum over the weekend!

 photo 2016-11-06_1_mos_davinci_003_zpsfrwdyjmo.jpg  photo 2016-11-06_1_mos_davinci_010_zps5otmxxlj.jpg  photo 2016-11-06_1_mos_davinci_013_zpszctsvrph.jpg  photo 2016-11-06_1_mos_davinci_014_zpsvobmg7ta.jpg  photo 2016-11-06_1_mos_davinci_019_zpsxfgee8dv.jpg

leaf peepers

 photo 2016-11-05_1_leaves_001_zpshwxkqxlr.jpg  photo 2016-11-05_1_leaves_002_zpsxmifqsmg.jpg

day in the city

The kids get a few random days off in November, so last week we went to the Children's Museum. We saw some cool things on our walk from the train to the museum!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_001_zpscx3ngytq.jpg

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_002_zpstgwuufyn.jpg

They love this three-story climbing structure! I'm glad they're older now, I was so terrified when they first tried this!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_004_zps9jx9ik3c.jpg

Jane at age 5!

 photo 2011-09-09_boston_childrens_museum_001_zpsfpdztrqy.jpg

They had fun racing to see who could pull themselves up the fastest. I think they raced twice and took turns winning!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_011_zpszfw2qt59.jpg

Electronic dodgeball:

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_013_zpshkbgpk44.jpg


 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_019_zpsnzir3ryi.jpg

I like how Malcolm gave his shadow a face and crown.

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_021_zpsbedgpln1.jpg

They were really excited to find these two pianos!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_022_zpsnugj2at9.jpg

We had a delicious lunch at Flour. We gobbled up dessert before I had a chance to photograph it.

 photo 2016-11-04_2_flour_001_zpsupzqvkkx.jpg

They made some huge bubbles!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_025_zps9lxmou2e.jpg

Malcolm has always loved the airplane.

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_027_zpsknhxsnea.jpg

Five years ago!

 photo 2011-09-09_boston_childrens_museum_017_zpsdi262ixg.jpg

The keva block exhibit was really cool!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_035_zpsclsohaww.jpg

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_037_zps3dw39r5m.jpg

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_038_zpsiwle93xd.jpg

Malcolm was inspired to use his at home afterwards.

 photo 2016-11-05_2_malcolm_contraptions_001_zpsf60hb5ok.jpg

We stopped in the art room and the kids did animal pictures.

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_043_zps9ymiz31z.jpg

They always enjoy building a house!

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_052_zpsgwytzzbf.jpg

We had never been in the Japanese house before. It was really cool. It's a real 100-year-old house from Japan, with some updates. Malcolm thought the bathtub was neat.

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_058_zpsooz6cria.jpg

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_059_zpsodrevsgy.jpg

Almost time to go...

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_064_zps8zad9ox4.jpg

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_066_zpsbveikqqr.jpg

Happy with their gift shop purchases...

 photo 2016-11-04_1_childrens_museum_067_zpsbf8qa6tc.jpg