Saturday, March 21, 2015

blocks and cars

Jane and her friend Robert had a fun playdate the other day! They spent a long time building with blocks and using cars.

 photo 2015-03-20_2_jane_robert_playdate_001_zpsywwjzivq.jpg

I think Robert and Malcolm look alike, so it was like having two Malcolms!

 photo 2015-03-20_2_jane_robert_playdate_003_zps1atoaswp.jpg

St. Patrick's Day

I guess I didn't take any photos of St. Patrick's Day except for this one of Malcolm at school.

 photo 20150317_093518_zpssxjo5nbp.jpg

The kids made leprechaun traps and he left them some Minecraft toys. For dinner we had the same thing as last year, vegetarian shepherd's pie and soda bread!


We had a fun time bowling with Rosalie and Nolan!

 photo 2015-03-15_1_kids_bowling_001_zpswuoykcho.jpg

 photo 2015-03-15_1_kids_bowling_003_zpsig504sj5.jpg

 photo 2015-03-15_1_kids_bowling_005_zpsyhzg3sfy.jpg

 photo 2015-03-15_1_kids_bowling_006_zpsqugmseom.jpg

They liked the donuts afterwards, too!

 photo 2015-03-15_2_dunkin_donuts_001_zpsyssjgdde.jpg

cozy cat

I had to share this photo of Westie in Jane's lego box by the fire!

 photo 2015-03-14_2_westie_fire_001_zpst8vmpwl3.jpg

Friday, March 13, 2015

fun kids place

We went to a fun place this afternoon!

 photo 2015-03-13_1_bbkids_002_zpsxychgpxo.jpg

 photo 2015-03-13_1_bbkids_004_zps4xp8oefi.jpg

 photo 2015-03-13_1_bbkids_005_zpsnb2rtdgt.jpg

Jane's social studies projects


 photo 2015-03-12_jane_projects_003_zpsz0kqotam.jpg


 photo 2015-03-12_jane_projects_004_zpsbaxglg4l.jpg


 photo 2015-03-12_jane_projects_005_zps9sxh5imf.jpg

Europe (these are tiny!):

 photo 2015-03-12_jane_projects_006_zpsdy5ubgsm.jpg

Sunday, March 8, 2015

science museum

This morning we went out for breakfast and then to the science museum. The kids had fun running around Kendall Square since it was a big open space!

 photo 2015-03-08_1_kendall_square_001_zpsfpctndix.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_001_zps5rpsxay5.jpg

We hadn't been to the Butterfly Garden for a while. It was nice and warm!

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_004_zpssfnd3blf.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_010_zpslz9rgveo.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_013_zpsgfxvq2ie.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_015_zpscwpdtslf.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_016_zpsfyes27sc.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_018_zpsrpmyeyb4.jpg

We learned about road salt.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_019_zpsuyrmzuxd.jpg

The Charles River doesn't freeze every winter, but it certainly is frozen this year.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_020_zps2twfwhnd.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_024_zpshk7lx6ot.jpg

Jane and I thought it looked like the yellow chick was in charge.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_022_zpsovhksqvi.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_028_zpsckcnmj9e.jpg


Malcolm created a museum of animals on his wall with scotch tape.

 photo 2015-02-19_malcolm_animal_museum_001_zpsmjgomcbo.jpg

Jane mostly knit this hat by herself!

 photo 2015-02-21_janes_hat_001_zpsnn9ota2u.jpg

There's so much snow, the squirrel baffle is giving him a nice place to stand and eat birdseed.

 photo 2015-02-26_squirrel_baffle_001_zpsfshn9rbd.jpg

We tried out the lego club at the library.

 photo 2015-03-04_1_lego_club_001_zpsdxkiq8s9.jpg

It went well for a while but the chaos and noise bothered Jane, so we had to leave.

 photo 2015-03-04_1_lego_club_002_zpskcaxwbrx.jpg

It did inspire her to use her legos at home, though!

 photo 2015-03-06_1_jane_legos_001_zpsdaweh4dl.jpg

We had an interesting visitor in our backyard.

 photo 2015-03-04_2_opossum_001_zpsl6pru1rw.jpg

Jane and her friend Maya made some cool designs with perler beads.

 photo 2015-03-05_jane_maya_perler_beads_001_zpsl3wt6e5b.jpg

We went to the Discovery Science Museum with our friends Maddy and Hannah, and the kids liked the woodworking section.

 photo 2015-03-06_2_discovery_museum_001_zpsarfkssui.jpg

 photo 2015-03-06_2_discovery_museum_002_zpswsg6uqrt.jpg

Jane had fun celebrating Avery's birthday playing mini-golf!

 photo 2015-03-07_1_averys_party_001_zpsplaonzus.jpg

 photo 2015-03-07_1_averys_party_002_zpsdfhss1hi.jpg