Monday, March 27, 2017


We ventured to the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham. This area is considered to be the birthplace of the American industrial revolution. The museum is in an old mill and contains vehicles, cameras, bicycles, watches, typewriters and other interesting objects made long ago using the water power of the Charles River.

Our experience was less than ideal because a fire alarm was sounding the entire time we were there. Apparently the employee who has the key to shut it off wasn't there. The kids also thought it was "boring." There was a lot of interesting stuff there and I believe if the alarm hadn't been so loud we could've pointed out more of it to the kids.

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_001_zpszpdlovg5.jpg

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_002_zpsu4hrikbo.jpg

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_004_zpsmf2e63hp.jpg

Pre-QWERTY typewriter!

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_005_zpsnc4ecbz4.jpg

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_006_zpsi8tfvrv0.jpg

After we were done with the museum we checked out the river.

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_008_zpsnid0zmnl.jpg

 photo 2017-03-26_1_museum_of_industry_010_zpsscc9wg9f.jpg

We bought the kids a couple books at a used bookstore, then went out to lunch, so the trip wasn't all bad!

 photo 2017-03-26_2_more_than_words_002_zpsi1qjtmht.jpg

foam blasters

I took Malcolm to the library the other day for a foam blaster-making event. He loved it! He made three different types.

 photo 2017-03-25_2_foam_blasters_001_zpsgxzavr0y.jpg

 photo 2017-03-25_2_foam_blasters_002_zpsvs8bhgho.jpg

 photo 2017-03-25_2_foam_blasters_003_zps8zh3gllh.jpg

When he got home and started shooting them at the wall, it made a dent. He'll be using them outside from now on!

temporary curls

Jane wanted me to curl her hair the other day. This is all the success I had:

 photo 2017-03-25_1_curly_jane_001_zpswcljq0fv.jpg

It was straight again about half an hour later. It just doesn't like to curl!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

roller skating field trip

I accompanied the second grade on their roller skating field trip. I think the idea was that they were supposed to get an engineering lesson first!

 photo 2017-03-21_malcolm_rollerskating_field_trip_002_zpshwalibww.jpg

They spent most of the time skating, and they had fun!

 photo 2017-03-21_malcolm_rollerskating_field_trip_005_zpstvlln23m.jpg

 photo 2017-03-21_malcolm_rollerskating_field_trip_006_zpszhknosjv.jpg

Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Malcolm came home from school looking like this!

 photo 2017-03-17_2_kids_st_pats_002_zpsbnkdiee1.jpg

Jane got this pin.

 photo 2017-03-17_2_kids_st_pats_003_zpshno1m7pj.jpg

Here's the bacon version of Irish nachos.

 photo 2017-03-17_2_st_patricks_day_007_zpsbj2cx0na.jpg

No bacon:

 photo 2017-03-17_2_st_patricks_day_006_zpsj1cgx4bd.jpg

We had apple cake for dessert.

 photo 2017-03-17_2_st_patricks_day_003_zps7ipi8bi2.jpg

Friday, March 17, 2017

winter sunset

 photo 2017-03-16_2_icicles_003_zpsqiicas9b.jpg  photo 2017-03-16_2_icicles_004_zpsaqdhtucw.jpg

16 lambs

We went to Drumlin Farm to see the lambs and we weren't disappointed. There are 16 of them, and more on the way!

 photo 2017-03-16_1_drumlin_farm_001_zpsy2m2vit2.jpg

Then we saw the other animals and the kids rolled around on the snow!

 photo 2017-03-16_1_drumlin_farm_002_zpsygziyiom.jpg

Thursday, March 16, 2017

pi day blizzard

I didn't mind the blizzard on Tuesday. We got to sleep late, everyone stayed home and we made pumpkin chiffon pie.

 photo 2017-03-14_3_blizzard_002_zpsawfyda76.jpg

 photo 2017-03-14_3_blizzard_003_zpsrpgufog7.jpg

 photo 2017-03-14_1_pi_day_pie_001_zpszznk2cnx.jpg

Westie liked sitting by the fire!

 photo 2017-03-14_2_westie_box_fire_001_zpsyqitlpbh.jpg

The next day I got to go skiing!

 photo 2017-03-15_1_town_forest_001_zpsa854ckf5.jpg

Monday, March 13, 2017

exploring sea life

We made our annual trek to the New England Aquarium. We never get tired of it!

 photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_001_zpsgkfkgxeo.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_004_zpslfvgbosj.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_006_zpsagjfdwyu.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_008_zpswnyend5c.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_016_zpsdzvoh3y6.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_018_zpsg1b3mego.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_019_zpsglhitjou.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_022_zpsxhalvdax.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_028_zpsxjzaajuk.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_032_zpswwuutgna.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_034_zpsernobhs8.jpg  photo 2017-03-10_1_aquarium_043_zps4mow2eio.jpg

winter ice cream!

We still like ice cream in the winter! Luckily Bedford Farms in Concord is open all year. It used to be a train station! You can see a photo of how it used to look a long time ago. There's even a horse parked outside.

 photo 2017-03-09_1_bedford_farms_001_zpsgwx907cm.jpg

art projects

Jane made this cat bank in art class!

 photo 2017-03-06_jane_cat_bank_001_zpserrzeh4w.jpg

The kids have been doing perler beads a LOT lately. We have to keep buying more beads!

 photo 2017-03-08_2_jane_perler_beads_001_zpsxdvo1iwo.jpg

These are Malcolm's social studies projects I got to see at school!

 photo 2017-03-09_2_malcolm_social_studies_001_zpsjzyh6teh.jpg

 photo 2017-03-09_2_malcolm_social_studies_002_zpsofodq5k2.jpg

 photo 2017-03-09_2_malcolm_social_studies_004_zpsr4japzad.jpg

 photo 2017-03-09_2_malcolm_social_studies_005_zpsshub7ogt.jpg

 photo 2017-03-09_2_malcolm_social_studies_006_zpsgrgvg3h0.jpg

Sunday, March 5, 2017

indoor fun

It's been very cold out! The kids asked to go to an indoor playspace. I thought maybe they were too old for it, but they still had fun!

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_001_zpsxbtsdlkr.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_004_zpssbhjkeux.jpg

Oops, they weren't supposed to go down that way.

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_006_zpsnpcq1kae.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_008_zpscnfk2d2z.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_010_zpsdggghv5z.jpg