Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween dance

I had to get Jane's hair up under a wig!

 photo 2016-10-21_1_jane_hair_wig_001_zpsg5z2uled.jpg

 photo 2016-10-21_1_jane_hair_wig_002_zpsyjjugnje.jpg

Two Harrys and a fox!

 photo 2016-10-21_3_jane_avery_malcolm_costumes_001_zps8qlq8wug.jpg

 photo 2016-10-21_5_halloween_dance_001_zpsfjususvu.jpg

Quidditch Harry racing around

 photo 2016-10-21_5_halloween_dance_002_zps2ovqnyhs.jpg

The Queen of Hearts helped to wrap me up like a mummy!

 photo 2016-10-21_5_halloween_dance_005_zpspre0b0bc.jpg

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

historic park

Nate and I walked through part of the Minuteman historic park on our anniversary. It was nice, but kind of hot out!

 photo 2016-10-19_1_minuteman_park_012_zpszcb8rsa3.jpg

 photo 2016-10-19_1_minuteman_park_015_zpsmuzfrpxu.jpg


We had a cool but nice day for Oktoberfest at Grammy's house!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_003_zpsct7gzxie.jpg

This is Malcolm's pumpkin:

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_008_zps3waik3mt.jpg

Jane and Malcolm were excited to see their cousins, Reagan and Willow!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_012_zpsq0ngwycj.jpg

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_025_zpskej4upby.jpg

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_015_zps8crhtcmg.jpg

I found a bunch of hershey kiss wrappers in Malcolm's coat pocket that night!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_019_zpsruggoiav.jpg

Jane did the cat. I did the greenish pumpkin that's supposed to be a golden snitch. My pumpkin was difficult to work with so my design wasn't too elaborate! Uncle Don made the awesome sign!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_001_zpstmy0kvuz.jpg

The sunset was pretty on the way home!

 photo 2016-10-15_4_driving_home_005_zpsmn75eum4.jpg

field hockey progress

After two weeks off, Jane went back for more field hockey. I watched the end and saw her score a goal! She seems to have control of the ball and she goes after it more than she did in soccer.

 photo 2016-10-15_1_field_hockey_001_zpsc1wkiyc3.jpg

Malcolm's party

Malcolm had a fun after-school birthday party with two of his friends!

 photo 2016-10-13_1_malcolms_party_005_zpsiedy1kq6.jpg

First they played balloon toss.

 photo 2016-10-13_1_malcolms_party_007_zps5ikkf6dv.jpg

Then they had snacks and played a bunch of games Jane and I didn't understand.

 photo 2016-10-13_1_malcolms_party_016_zpsi9hijmwx.jpg

 photo 2016-10-13_1_malcolms_party_018_zpsw0t0lt5w.jpg

Malcolm wanted an ice cream cake. It was half chocolate, half chocolate chip. They're so easy to make!

 photo 2016-10-13_1_malcolms_party_022_zpsrui6y6za.jpg


 photo 2016-10-13_2_malcolms_presents_005_zpscq94crl1.jpg

pumpkin shopping

Time to get our first round of pumpkins!

 photo 2016-10-12_pumpkins_002_zpsxtqbxcoz.jpg

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

birthday at the aquarium

For Malcolm's birthday breakfast, we went to a Western-themed restaurant. It was good! Next the kids swam again, then we went to the lake aquarium. Right when we arrived a movie about chipmunks was playing, so we saw it!

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_032_zpswljtwnyo.jpg

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_001_zpsdqpgiwd6.jpg

There were also ocean animals.

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_007_zpsskfqvnwj.jpg

Malcolm wanted puffy hair for his birthday so I used the hairdryer!

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_010_zpsaobdox11.jpg

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_015_zpsgpbbwiaq.jpg

This was a cool sand table we had seen before. The lighting changes when kids move the sand so it looks like lakes and mountains.

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_022_zpsztvzivqq.jpg

There was a fun area for playing.

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_024_zps469rg3ne.jpg

 photo 2016-10-09_2_echo_lake_aquarium_031_zpsuuipc826.jpg

We went out for a late lunch and Malcolm had macaroni and cheese. He had wanted it the whole time and we finally found a restaurant that had it! Then we went to the Ben & Jerry's on Church Street for more ice cream!

 photo 2016-10-09_3_ben_jerrys_001_zps14bonubc.jpg

birthday fun

We woke up to another pretty sunrise on Saturday, my birthday!

 photo 2016-10-08_1_sunrise_001_zps2y98llnn.jpg

We went to Henry's Diner for breakfast. Normally I don't think diners are that great, but this one was! We ended up only having breakfast and dinner most days because we were too full to have lunch.

 photo 2016-10-08_3_henrys_diner_001_zpsggq1jewc.jpg

Afterwards we explored the shoreline.

 photo 2016-10-08_4_lake_champlain_007_zps6k4cnnlm.jpg

 photo 2016-10-08_4_lake_champlain_008_zpscthjut15.jpg

I saw online that there was a 5k that day, so we went to Oakledge Park to check it out. It turned out the time on the website was wrong so we were a few minutes late, but I still ran anyway. I thought it was fun to run a race on my birthday!

 photo 2016-10-08_5_oakledge_park_5k_001_zpslj9oivib.jpg

The park had a treehouse!

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_002_zpsi45ortlv.jpg

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_004_zpsjjwk7tnx.jpg

There was a beach at the park, too.

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_008_zpsaxciinmd.jpg

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_012_zpsmqoupwmq.jpg

We checked out the Earth Clock. It was cool!

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_013_zpsayatwt6x.jpg

 photo 2016-10-08_6_oakledge_park_016_zpsnihecur4.jpg

Later we went shopping. The highlight was definitely Lake Champlain Chocolates! We also loved this bookstore.

 photo 2016-10-08_7_phonenix_books_004_zpshlxvc192.jpg

The kids made Star Wars magnets.

 photo 2016-10-08_7_phonenix_books_005_zpsbvsbpsig.jpg

There were some cute sculptures outside City Hall.

 photo 2016-10-08_9_burlington_city_hall_002_zpstgbyxz2o.jpg

 photo 2016-10-08_9_burlington_city_hall_004_zpsl01dupam.jpg

We went to a Mexican restaurant in an old diner for dinner and I got to have some more delicious Vermont beer!

 photo 2016-10-08_8_el_cortijo_002_zpsyzcibb0s.jpg

The sunset was pretty again.

 photo 2016-10-08_10_hotel_004_zpsnetgve1q.jpg