Monday, October 10, 2016

Jane's party!

Jane had her birthday party after school. The kids played, had snacks and cupcakes and opened presents. It was nice out!

 photo 2016-10-05_4_janes_party_005_zpsyeviz11s.jpg

 photo 2016-10-05_3_cat_cupcakes_002_zps9yfh4lmk.jpg

 photo 2016-10-05_4_janes_party_009 2.57.07 PM_zpszsima59u.jpg

A time turner!

 photo 2016-10-05_4_janes_party_021_zpshflkehko.jpg

Because of going away the next day, we let the kids open presents that night. They got money for spending on the trip, Harry Potter robes, new t-shirts and Jane got earrings!

 photo 2016-10-05_5_kids _presents_005_zps19fd5bkr.jpg

 photo 2016-10-05_5_kids _presents_009_zpshsbhxfmd.jpg

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