Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We had a cool but nice day for Oktoberfest at Grammy's house!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_003_zpsct7gzxie.jpg

This is Malcolm's pumpkin:

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_008_zps3waik3mt.jpg

Jane and Malcolm were excited to see their cousins, Reagan and Willow!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_012_zpsq0ngwycj.jpg

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_025_zpskej4upby.jpg

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_015_zps8crhtcmg.jpg

I found a bunch of hershey kiss wrappers in Malcolm's coat pocket that night!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_019_zpsruggoiav.jpg

Jane did the cat. I did the greenish pumpkin that's supposed to be a golden snitch. My pumpkin was difficult to work with so my design wasn't too elaborate! Uncle Don made the awesome sign!

 photo 2016-10-15_3_oktoberfest_001_zpstmy0kvuz.jpg

The sunset was pretty on the way home!

 photo 2016-10-15_4_driving_home_005_zpsmn75eum4.jpg

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