Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Friday in Vermont

On Friday morning I went for a run by Lake Champlain.

 photo 2016-10-07_1_lake_champlain_001_zpst9l2w6fu.jpg

After breakfast, we went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill. We watched cider being made. The kids were fascinated! Living in a town with so many orchards, it's amazing we had never watched this!

 photo 2016-10-07_4_cold_hollow_cider_002_zpsdlrb1one.jpg

 photo 2016-10-07_4_cold_hollow_cider_006_zps61fqf5fo.jpg

When we tasted it, it was just as delicious as the cider we're used to.

 photo 2016-10-07_4_cold_hollow_cider_009_zpstw8yjeul.jpg

The kids liked the cider donuts but they weren't as good as at home.

 photo 2016-10-07_4_cold_hollow_cider_012_zpsfnhvv2oe.jpg

This is a view from the car.

 photo 2016-10-07_5_driving_003_zpsbtogsq3m.jpg

We went to the Alchemist Brewery. I had been hearing about their beer for years and wanted to check it out.

 photo 2016-10-07_6_alchemist_001_zps5azndehb.jpg

It was a long wait, but I finally got my beer!

 photo 2016-10-07_6_alchemist_003_zpskv1inkvc.jpg

Next was Ben & Jerry's!

 photo 2016-10-07_8_ben_jerrys_001_zpsmncijxay.jpg

 photo 2016-10-07_8_ben_jerrys_007_zpsoqddvyz1.jpg

They actually have cows there!

 photo 2016-10-07_8_ben_jerrys_011_zpshiimxelh.jpg

Photos weren't allowed on the tour but it was interesting to learn how they make ice cream. The sample was delicious, of course!

 photo 2016-10-07_8_ben_jerrys_020_zpsszx8ei2b.jpg

Later on we walked around Church Street. The kids liked the lights and all the shops.

 photo 2016-10-07_11_church_street_001_zpsjk6bmbbf.jpg

We could see a pretty sunset from our room!

 photo 2016-10-07_12_sunset_002_zpsikkiyzmf.jpg

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