Monday, February 27, 2017

science Sunday

We had a good time at the science museum on Sunday!

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_001_zpsd2peyfhb.jpg

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_003_zps6rrk1bgc.jpg

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_004_zpsgp6xixxe.jpg

The chocolate exhibit was really interesting! We brought chocolate to eat afterwards - we knew we would crave it!

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_007_zpsxep5o6mx.jpg

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_008_zpsnxhoodoq.jpg

 photo 2017-02-26_mos_010_zpsvs3ejabx.jpg

Saturday, February 25, 2017

syrup and sculptures

We made our trek to Parker's Maple Barn with our friends Maddy and Hannah! It was the first day of syrup-making for the year.

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_001_zpstu6phfwg.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_006_zpsgf211ofh.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_007_zpsmfccrgam.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_010_zpsjzqvqsha.jpg

Afterwards we went to a sculpture park in the woods. It was muddy and wet but we had fun exploring the sculptures!

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_004_zpsdinvrx15.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_006_zpsmqiepqnb.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_008_zpso0a4twup.jpg

spring preview

The past few days have been very warm! Most of the snow has melted. I made iced coffee to bring to the playground!

 photo 2017-02-23_iced_coffee_snow_001_zpsgb6hjccc.jpg

Even Westie wanted to venture outside.

 photo 2017-02-24_3_westie_deck_001_zps1ou192uc.jpg

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

snowy park fun

 photo 2017-02-22_coolidge_playground_002_zpsxsodwkrq.jpg

 photo 2017-02-22_coolidge_playground_004_zpsccvrcfcu.jpg

 photo 2017-02-22_coolidge_playground_006_zpsm2gozzer.jpg


It was fun to help Jane's class do experiments with string and cup telephones. The kids were surprised they actually worked! It turned out using plastic cups and fishing line worked best.

 photo 2017-02-15_jane_cup_telephone_001_zpsqi12wcld.jpg

 photo 2017-02-15_jane_cup_telephone_002_zpsttlqtbjq.jpg

Valentine's Day 2017

The kids always love exchanging valentines with their classmates! This year they made bookmarks. They decorated them with stickers.

 photo 2017-02-06_1_jane_valentines_002_zpshsrqznmi.jpg

 photo 2017-02-14_2_school_valentines_001_zpsckfnyfby.jpg

In the afternoon we had veggies and dip to offset the chocolate fondue we were going to have for dinner. I thought the raspberries tasted the best in the chocolate! Jane liked the rice krispy squares and apples the best. Malcolm's favorite was the marshmallows!

 photo 2017-02-14_3_chocolate_fondue_001_zpsh3yn1xgg.jpg

Saturday, February 11, 2017


We finally got enough snow to go sledding!

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_002_zpsffn97ypa.jpg

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_006_zpsw2stvzig.jpg

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_010_zpsiiyvpzwf.jpg

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_012_zpsikjyz0pz.jpg

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_022_zpsy4h3wzmc.jpg

 photo 2017-02-11_sledding_028_zpslrrn9qca.jpg

Thursday, February 9, 2017

100th day celebration

I was happy to help with a caterpillar craft in Malcolm's class for the 100th school day, but not happy to drive home in the snow afterwards! The second graders travelled back and forth to different rooms for all the activities.

 photo 2017-02-07_malcolm_100th_day_002_zpsunz6i0ch.jpg

 photo 2017-02-07_malcolm_100th_day_003_zpsv7a5pudy.jpg

fourth grade concert

Jane is playing trumpet this year and we were all excited for her first concert! She practiced that afternoon.

 photo 2017-02-06_2_jane_trumpet_001_zpsqmjkqwln.jpg

She was way in the back so we couldn't see her, but it was fun to listen!

 photo 2017-02-06_3_4th_grade_concert_002_zpsazt9cp3m.jpg

During the chorus portion, she had a dancing part. It was cute! She helped me paint the t-shirts the girls wore.

 photo 2017-02-06_3_4th_grade_concert_005_zpsoaqpshun.jpg

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Malcolm the muffin man

Malcolm made blueberry muffins by himeself on Saturday!

 photo 2017-02-04_1_malcolm_muffins_001_zpsqucxnqrt.jpg


We've been waiting for this brewery to open nearby and it finally did! We went twice in the first week.
 photo 2017-01-30_battle_road_brewery_001_zpsrzx0cg5d.jpg
 photo 2017-02-04_2_battle_road_001_zpsvx6k97kj.jpg


The kids had a half-day last Friday. Nate and Jane skiied all afternoon! She rode the chair lift for the first time and she loved it!

 photo IMG_20170127_152418296_2_zpsiqur0jr9.jpg

I took Malcolm and Milo bowling. They had fun!

 photo 2017-01-27_malcolm_milo_bowling_002_zpsdvy7fhxx.jpg

 photo 2017-01-27_malcolm_milo_bowling_006_zpsrqizsfkw.jpg