Monday, May 29, 2017

Jane at Fenway

Jane and I took our annual trip to Fenway Park on Sunday. As usual, she wanted a burrito for lunch!

 photo 2017-05-28_1_el_pelon_001_zpspwif1lao.jpg

It was a good idea to bring her binoculars!

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_002_zpsiu3eirby.jpg

Pretzel time!

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_008_zpseikm7tky.jpg

Some pigeons had a good view of the field.

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_010_zpsyfftegmh.jpg

We happened to be going to the same game as Kim and Cassidy (her first game!) so we drove together. The kids got to run the bases after the game!

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_014_zpsijgy8uk1.jpg

Jane grabbed some dirt off the warning track and put it in her pocket.

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_017_zpsn0pouwme.jpg

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_018_zpsgv4hl0s4.jpg

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_019_zpsugpnmxcs.jpg

 photo 2017-05-28_3_jane_fenway_021_zpsn41uyrt6.jpg


My college friends came over for a cookout Saturday. It was fun! All the kids (ages 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11) got along well.

 photo 2017-05-27_1_before_cookout_001_zpstlhydxft.jpg

 photo 2017-05-27_2_cookout_001_zpsyzkdnx3v.jpg

Malcolm made a face because he was forced to eat vegetables!

 photo 2017-05-27_2_cookout_005_zpsotoio6xy.jpg

 photo 2017-05-27_2_cookout_010_zpsulm2lm83.jpg

 photo 2017-05-27_2_cookout_013_zpsss1kaqcc.jpg

Lindsay captured this photo with her phone using an elaborate setup made from seltzer cans and a beer cozy!

 photo 2017-05-27_2_cookout_019_zps9edx8zxt.jpg

memorial assembly

The fourth graders sang some patriotic songs at the school's Memorial Day assembly. It was fun to watch!

 photo 2017-05-26_1_memorial_assembly_001_zpsevnijykn.jpg

 photo 2017-05-26_1_memorial_assembly_002_zpsvpvdn5ko.jpg

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

beach party

The temperature reached 97 at our house today so I got out an old kiddie pool for when the kids came home!

 photo 2017-05-17_beach_party_001_zpse06ifqja.jpg

 photo 2017-05-17_beach_party_002_zpswqrvwkxz.jpg

I didn't have any lemons so I made orange-limeade!

 photo 2017-05-17_beach_party_004_zpsye9qosd8.jpg

Sunday, May 14, 2017

mother's day

Another rainy mother's day, so we went to a brewery! We brought a picnic lunch and the kids had soda.

 photo 2017-05-14_2_trillium_006_zpsgmm5dq69.jpg

Coffee stout... yum!

 photo 2017-05-14_2_trillium_008_zps0614w2ef.jpg

Next we went to a bird art museum. I was glad it was small because the kids didn't want to look at the art.

 photo 2017-05-14_3_audubon_museum_004_zps9f7aphsx.jpg

 photo 2017-05-14_3_audubon_museum_005_zpsggtnpocz.jpg

We ended up hiking in the rain. The nice part was that no one else was there.

 photo 2017-05-14_4_hiking_004_zpsgsjyoqnm.jpg

 photo 2017-05-14_4_hiking_007_zpsyml7eywz.jpg

Saturday, May 13, 2017

spring festival

The weather has been unseasonably cold lately but that didn't stop us from enjoying a local festival!

 photo 2017-05-13_springfest_003_zpsvm2cd0cc.jpg

 photo 2017-05-13_springfest_004_zps6imfxi8x.jpg

 photo 2017-05-13_springfest_008_zpszgmcajsb.jpg

 photo 2017-05-13_springfest_010_zps7vlyrl47.jpg

 photo 2017-05-13_springfest_014_zps3sb7fo5p.jpg

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moms in Maine

Before we went to Maine to celebrate mother's day and Grammy's birthday, I made peanut butter pie. It didn't really go with the Cinco de Mayo theme, but everyone liked it! Malcolm had come across the recipe and asked if we could have it.

 photo 2017-05-05_2_peanut_butter_pie_001_zpsoc9a19s1.jpg

Covered in chocolate!

 photo 2017-05-05_2_peanut_butter_pie_002_zpsq5aq0dfs.jpg

Ben and Amy brought a piƱata!

 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_002_zpsaj5gv3vl.jpg

 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_003_zpsqzx64qx6.jpg


 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_004_zpswwypwwrx.jpg

re-covering stools

The seats of our stools were in really bad shape. We took them to an upolsterer who said it would cost $300 to re-cover them all. Instead, I went to Jo Ann Fabric with a 50% off coupon and spent $35 on some pleather.

 photo 2017-05-05_1_stool_recovering_002_zps7z6hbydf.jpg

 photo 2017-05-05_1_stool_recovering_004_zpsxtmhhpaj.jpg

 photo 2017-05-05_1_stool_recovering_010_zpshzooldiq.jpg

One done, two to go!

 photo 2017-05-05_1_stool_recovering_016_zpsi2zrapde.jpg

Time for a coffee break!

 photo 2017-05-05_1_stool_recovering_017_zps9eo5huzz.jpg

Thursday, May 4, 2017

floral fun

I figured it was time to take some photos of what's blooming for Nana and Grammy to see! It's such a great time of year.

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_003_zpsmlhekmc8.jpg

In this photo you can see the weird castle-like addition my neighbors are building on to their c1686 house. It's been covered with tarps for several years!

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_005_zpsv6ufsslh.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_006_zpslqifxucw.jpg

My lilac collapsed last year during the drought. All winter I had it tied up with string, but the blooms are too heavy now. I switched to some Y-shaped sticks to hold it up. Maybe if I give it a trim it will stand up on its own again?

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_009_zpsbc7girok.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_010_zpspfntbt2y.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_012_zpsbuukmtud.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_017_zps45kgc1vg.jpg

all-school dance

I went to see the kids do their dances behind the school. Second graders wore blue, so Malcolm wore his Brady shirt! (I blurred the other kids for security reasons.)

 photo 2017-05-03_2_aces_malcolm_001_zpsacqj7qnm.jpg

it was a whacky weather afternoon and it even rained during their song!

 photo 2017-05-03_2_aces_malcolm_002_zpssjkc4foa.jpg

I didn't hear about Jane needing an orange shirt until the day before. Luckily KMart is nearby and had just what I was looking for.

 photo 2017-05-03_3_aces_jane_001_zpsvhfcrmhs.jpg

 photo 2017-05-03_3_aces_jane_002_zpsdclg4jvb.jpg