Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a yummy and relaxing Thanksgiving this year!

 photo 2015-11-26_1_thanksgiving_lunch_004_zpsgha2la8a.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_1_thanksgiving_lunch_005_zpsnlhvbvcj.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_1_thanksgiving_lunch_006_zps0fodfzzp.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_1_thanksgiving_lunch_007_zpsgb7anthq.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_2_thanksgiving_walk_001_zpsm7m6reh5.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_2_thanksgiving_walk_003_zpstudcvsvc.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_3_pumpkin_cheesecake_003_zpsgnacfvry.jpg

 photo 2015-11-26_3_pumpkin_cheesecake_001_zpstygrtgg2.jpg

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

peanuts movie

We went to see the Peanuts movie last weekend. Malcolm said it was fine and Jane wished it had looked more flat like the old cartoons.

 photo 2015-11-21_peanuts_movie_001_zpsoo5po9my.jpg

 photo 2015-11-21_peanuts_movie_002_zpsxaygktmx.jpg

all-school meeting

Malcolm's first grade class hosted the all school meeting right before Thanksgiving break. Here are the kids getting a pep talk before it started!

 photo 2015-11-24_all_school_meeting_001_zpsreizjbvm.jpg

Jane kept waving to Malcolm, it was really cute.

 photo 2015-11-24_all_school_meeting_003_zpsmrivvvny.jpg

He was one of the volunteers who spoke in front of everyone.

 photo 2015-11-24_all_school_meeting_006_zpsyuasjdhf.jpg

Lining up to go back to class:

 photo 2015-11-24_all_school_meeting_010_zpsmvnahu8e.jpg

art and culture

I've been to two amazing art museums recently. Last week I went to the Institute of Contemporary Art and this week the Harvard Art Museums.

 photo 2015-11-18_1_boston_harbor_001_zps5x7tyvzu.jpg

 photo 2015-11-18_2_ica_001_zpsbxjjrcnf.jpg

 photo 2015-11-18_2_ica_003_zps8xdedi1x.jpg

 photo 2015-11-18_3_boat_rentals_002_zpsepmkmawr.jpg

 photo 2015-11-23_harvard_art_museum_001_zpslzxmdzbm.jpg

 photo 2015-11-23_harvard_art_museum_002_zps19lc95lp.jpg Both museums were very inspiring!


Although most would say Malcolm has brown eyes, when you look closely they are more green. I took this photo to show him.

 photo 2015-11-14_cute_malcolm_002_zpscii6qpk5.jpg


After we got home from the Tea Party museum the kids made their own cardboard boat complete with oars, fishing poles and a gun. Then had fun playing in it that evening!

 photo 2015-11-11_kids_cardboard_boat_001_zpsjo6pj7tt.jpg

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Boston Tea Party

The kids have been begging to go to the Boston Tea Party museum for years, and we finally went with Duncan and Cassidy!

 photo 2015-11-11_2_tea_party_gift_shop_002_zps4a3gg8sm.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_003_zpsm8liiipf.jpg

Throwing the tea overboard was the highlight, of course!

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_011_zpsqqfwnhj3.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_005_zpscuufci6z.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_009_zpsclh0tqzy.jpg

We had lunch and dessert at a nearby bakery, it was delicious!

 photo 2015-11-11_3_boston_cream_pie_001_zps3sme0kui.jpg

We spotted this sculpture made of foam peanuts on our walk back to the train!

 photo 2015-11-11_4_ride_home_001_zps3wpty9al.jpg

I was glad they decided to read instead of goof off on the train.

 photo 2015-11-11_4_ride_home_002_zpslba86vly.jpg

new cousin

We got to visit our newest relative, Willow! Grammy brought supplies to make yummy pilgrim hats to eat.

 photo 2015-11-08_1_cousins_001_zpsqk71v2l8.jpg

 photo 2015-11-08_2_willow_001_zpsiaqaxe7h.jpg

last soccer games

The kids played their last games of the season last weekend. Both games were fun to watch!

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer__017_zps9vmgaxc0.jpg

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer_018_zpskcctljyj.jpg

Jane played goalie during the second half and she made a lot of saves!

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer__021_zpsdj3cgqrd.jpg

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer_028_zpsgkvbiuic.jpg

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer__032_zpspcntco1z.jpg

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer__033_zpsib6pra3s.jpg

 photo 2015-11-07_1_jane_soccer__008_zpszi4qxb34.jpg

All the photos of Malcolm's game are from the first half. The second half was too dark!

 photo 2015-11-08_3_malcolm_last_soccer_013_zpsidrsbw2u.jpg

 photo 2015-11-08_3_malcolm_last_soccer_014_zpsmb1e3s4z.jpg

 photo 2015-11-08_3_malcolm_last_soccer_019_zpsffnik71u.jpg

 photo 2015-11-08_3_malcolm_last_soccer_027_zpsek97igtd.jpg


I got together with a group of moms to make apple pies. Our pie was delicious!

 photo 2015-11-04_apple_pie_001_zpsde5ggzrw.jpg

I was walking with a friend in the woods and we found this cute nest!

 photo 2015-11-05_1_nest_arnwr_001_zpsdhircqzu.jpg

This was probably the last apple picking outing of the year.

 photo 2015-11-07_3_honey_pot_004_zpsifhywipb.jpg

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day of the Dead

We got together with some friends for a Day of the Dead gathering. We had Fall, Mexican-themed food and decorated skulls.

 photo 2015-11-01_1_dod_party_001_zps7n1qdaqc.jpg

 photo 2015-11-01_1_dod_party_002_zpsenndwvdj.jpg

Lindsay made sugar skulls and skull cookies, and she brought all kinds of decorations for them. It was fun!

 photo 2015-11-01_1_dod_party_003_zpsxwnu0d8g.jpg

 photo 2015-11-01_1_dod_party_005_zpsofwzeveh.jpg

Jane held Wesley and he was trying to get legos!

 photo 2015-11-01_1_dod_party_008_zpsumxluywp.jpg

Our friends came to watch Malcolm's soccer game!

 photo 2015-11-01_2_malcolm_soccer_001_zpsjndpy0wj.jpg

 photo 2015-11-01_2_malcolm_soccer_003_zpsapfl3qui.jpg