Tuesday, August 30, 2016


We visited Storyland on Monday. It was a great day to go because the weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded.

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_003_zpsr1ptpsao.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_011_zpswqqdxflo.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_013_zps7qyfhia6.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_017_zps8ezbrg2d.jpg

I think Jane probably went on every single ride!

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_021_zpsj4zw2pme.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_024_zpszgae1dut.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_031_zpsfi9mlmdf.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_033_zpsjqudedmo.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_035_zps0pjupnht.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_044_zpsr5yfwckx.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_055_zpsoq75kism.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_051_zpsjtrygs2r.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_065_zps4lihjuda.jpg

 photo 2016-08-29_1_storyland_068_zpsxzb7ytqf.jpg

brew pub

Our hotel was across the street from a brew pub, so of course we had dinner there!

 photo 2016-08-28_5_sea_dog_brewery_002_zpsv0v9paoc.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_5_sea_dog_brewery_001_zpswdkujhmg.jpg

We tried a few beers...

 photo 2016-08-28_5_sea_dog_brewery_006_zps5bwjbkbm.jpg

mini golf

After our hike, mini golf was the next fun thing on the list!

 photo 2016-08-28_2_pirates_cove_mini_golf_001_zps0z4lsdme.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_2_pirates_cove_mini_golf_002_zps2imphbzv.jpg

hiking in the White Mountains

We had a good time hiking up the Black Cap Path!

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_001_zpsdtacwiim.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_002_zpsrwco2tdu.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_004_zpstwljsy8k.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_006_zps0nkw802m.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_010_zpslruqkd7o.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_013_zpsvrscm09h.jpg

 photo 2016-08-28_1_black_cap_path_018_zpsp7j0ixsc.jpg

Saturday, August 27, 2016

harbor cruise

Last week we met Nana and Grammy in Portsmouth and went on a harbor cruise. It was about 75 degrees and sunny, so it was a perfect day! The bridge you can see in front recently got stuck in the "up" position. It's going to be demolished and rebuilt this fall.

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_005_zpsaexo5aci.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_010_zps9b0upicb.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_014_zpswcyf2kud.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_017_zpstbesnw03.jpg

At first I thought this must've been a fancy hotel in the past. It turns out it was a prison.

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_018_zps9lqtszub.jpg

We got to see two lighthouses!

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_036_zpsirikrejk.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_038_zpszlrdxedv.jpg

After the boat ride we had lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery and then went out for ice cream. It was a fun day!

baby snake

Jane and I were feeding the neighbor's cats and found a baby snake in their house! We rescued it and put it outside. Those are Jane's hands, so you can see how tiny the snake is!

 photo 2016-08-22_tiny_snake_002_zpsoxi3zou1.jpg

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


We went back to Legoland! The kids have been wanting to go all summer but I said they had to stop fighting first. Finally the situation improved enough for us to go, yay!

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_003_zpsvivkrkt0.jpg

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_004_zps6mvybimj.jpg

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_008_zpswrcxv8tv.jpg

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_012_zpse94cu07c.jpg

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_013_zpsa9ada3zd.jpg

My favorite part is the room with all the Boston landmarks made out of legos!

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_017_zps9tnms64d.jpg

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_018_zpsibyjxxe6.jpg

Mini Legoland!

 photo 2016-08-17_1_legoland_016_zpssxb7o0oz.jpg

After lunch, we walked around Assembly Square.

 photo 2016-08-17_3_somerville_002_zpsz1pqzdqg.jpg

Mybe a great gray owl?

 photo 2016-08-17_3_somerville_004_zpsxsul3nsi.jpg

We had to stop for ice cream, of course!

 photo 2016-08-17_4_jp_licks_001_zpstbukxzff.jpg


Jane planted this corn seed in third grade... now the plant is taller than her! It's acutally growing an ear.

 photo 2016-08-16_2_jane_corn_001_zpsqzhlbcbc.jpg

Crane beach

We had a nice time at Crane beach the other day!

 photo 2016-08-15_crane_beach_001_zps34uajevr.jpg

 photo 2016-08-15_crane_beach_002_zpsazbzrdd5.jpg

The waves weren't too big so Malcolm had more fun in the water.

 photo 2016-08-15_crane_beach_004_zpsiceotttw.jpg

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

fun at the fair

We were only at the fair for about two hours, but we packed a lot in!

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_010_zps3kxgslzm.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_014_zpsns7njdk6.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_020_zpspjxh7mlr.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_021_zpst5rvqa0k.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_024_zpsufgswqrf.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_028_zpsz6mxupsd.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_032_zpsrtrr8y1n.jpg

 photo 2016-08-13_1_bolton_fair_034_zpscuyink6s.jpg