Monday, May 16, 2016

daughter at Drumlin

Over the weekend Jane asked to go Drumlin Farm, and Malcolm didn't want to go. It was kind of nice because they haven't been getting along lately. (Hopefully this phase will end soon.)

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_001_zpsmugaoo3o.jpg

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_004_zpspz1ohssq.jpg

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_005_zpslby9yznu.jpg

A couple of inchworms hitched a ride on Jane's hood!

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_007_zpsgke0c8or.jpg

We had a nice view from the top of the drumlin.

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_008_zpsbs3jxilv.jpg

We saw some wild turkeys.

 photo 2016-05-15_drumlin_011_zps7tz9brgr.jpg

Jane at Fenway

Jane and I took our annual trip to Fenway over the weekend. Jane made it clear that she wishes she could go more than once a year! We stopped at the park to admire the baby geese.

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_001_zpssvytmm5l.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_004_zpsb73yedjc.jpg

Jane has climbed this tree before. It must be so old and have lots of creatures living in it!

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_005_zpszpyhpitv.jpg

We love stopping at El Pelon for burritos!

 photo 2016-05-14_3_el_huipil_002_zpsvm0xiw7i.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_003_zpspksmj4lw.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_005_zpsmrblhm5r.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_007_zpsvj9alquj.jpg

The game was very exciting and we won by one run in the 11th inning!

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_009_zpsxgif0woj.jpg

I just wish I had brought the camera - the phone photos aren't very good!

spring happiness

This spring has been so nice! Westie's been spending a lot of time on the porch.

 photo 2016-05-10_2_westie_porch_001_zpscowhoau9.jpg

I took a walk at the arboretum and saw some turtles and frogs.

 photo 2016-05-11_acton_arboretum_001_zps58hud9ba.jpg

 photo 2016-05-11_acton_arboretum_004_zpsulghk0dq.jpg

Some different ducks visited the backyard.

 photo 2016-05-10_1_ducks_flowers_002_zps1v2zu2hj.jpg

Grammy's trillium looks so pretty!

 photo 2016-05-10_1_ducks_flowers_004_zpszven2ugg.jpg

The azaleas, phlox and lilacs bloomed right on time.

 photo 2016-05-10_1_ducks_flowers_006_zpskosux7bg.jpg

 photo 2016-05-10_1_ducks_flowers_007_zpsx9jzytr2.jpg

 photo 2016-05-10_1_ducks_flowers_008_zps7kumchdy.jpg

Monday, May 9, 2016

rainy mother's day

Since it was rainy off and on all day we didn't go on one of our usual big mother's day outings. Instead we went to the British Beer Company for lunch.

 photo 2016-05-08_1_british_beer_co_003_zpshrdhpcw8.jpg

The kids loved the high booth!

 photo 2016-05-08_1_british_beer_co_001_zpsw9tuuqcs.jpg

Before we went home we stopped at a British grocery store. They had a lot of good stuff! We left with some tea, Irn Bru (Scottish soda) and candy bars. They were delicious.

 photo 2016-05-08_2_candy_bars_001_zpsipgzwjpw.jpg

I told the kids what I really wanted for mother's day was for them not to fight. Luckily they didn't fight too much and they played together for a few hours!

combination celebration

Mother's day was very early this year and close to Grammy's birthday. We celebrated both in Maine over the weekend and had a Cinco de Mayo theme!

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_001_zpsv2ffqbfa.jpg

Amy and Ben brought a piƱata! The barn was a great place to smash it.

 photo maine_005_zpsyr6casl3.jpg

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_007_zpsiwby3sqi.jpg

 photo maine_009_zpsvavrm5nn.jpg

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_011_zpsuodf07cs.jpg

Lime cheesecake squares for dessert.

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_015_zps0pjnujfv.jpg

Willow had a good time!

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_016_zpsgtyk6rzv.jpg

 photo 2016-05-07_maine_018_zpsvfzsqpsy.jpg


I don't go out for coffee very often because I'm happy with what I make at home, but I was glad my favorite coffee shop moved 10 minutes closer!

 photo 2016-04-28_iced_coffee_001_zpskbrygijf.jpg


Our neighbors have lots of interesting animals. Sometimes they visit our yard!

 photo 2016-04-25_ducks_backyard_003_zpsz0yhxmyg.jpg