Monday, May 16, 2016

Jane at Fenway

Jane and I took our annual trip to Fenway over the weekend. Jane made it clear that she wishes she could go more than once a year! We stopped at the park to admire the baby geese.

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_001_zpssvytmm5l.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_004_zpsb73yedjc.jpg

Jane has climbed this tree before. It must be so old and have lots of creatures living in it!

 photo 2016-05-14_2_the_fens_005_zpszpyhpitv.jpg

We love stopping at El Pelon for burritos!

 photo 2016-05-14_3_el_huipil_002_zpsvm0xiw7i.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_003_zpspksmj4lw.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_005_zpsmrblhm5r.jpg

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_007_zpsvj9alquj.jpg

The game was very exciting and we won by one run in the 11th inning!

 photo 2016-05-14_4_fenway_park_009_zpsxgif0woj.jpg

I just wish I had brought the camera - the phone photos aren't very good!

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