Thursday, February 18, 2016

snitch snacks

We had some improvised peanut butter golden snitch snacks while we watched Harry Potter!

 photo 2016-02-18_pb_golden_snitch_001_zpsqhsjac1z.jpg

 photo 2016-02-18_pb_golden_snitch_004_zpscyl1mypy.jpg

lunch and farm

What a great time we had meeting our friends for lunch in Waltham, then heading to Drumlin Farm!

 photo 2016-02-17_1_waltham_003_zpsls5kdtkf.jpg

We stopped at a used bookstore.

 photo 2016-02-17_1_waltham_004_zpsdtrxa3qz.jpg

We're all hoping that Hannah and Malcolm get married someday.

 photo 2016-02-17_2_drumlin_farm_001_zpscmmny1yd.jpg

The kids spent an insanely long time at the sheep barn. They went in and out, looking at all the pregnant sheep. They studied the chart of all the due dates and want to go back in a month when the babies are born!

 photo 2016-02-17_2_drumlin_farm_002_zpsvqdqgffi.jpg

Jane and Maddy named this sheep "Star." I call her "Crazy Eyes."

 photo 2016-02-17_2_drumlin_farm_005_zpszxvfz64m.jpg

Mac the bunny!

 photo 2016-02-17_2_drumlin_farm_008_zpslw3wpmbg.jpg

 photo 2016-02-17_2_drumlin_farm_009_zpsh3nmzdkb.jpg


We had fun the other day meeting Lindsay and Nolan to have lunch and ice skate!

 photo 2016-02-16_2_skating_haverhill_001_zpsadglpg5f.jpg

 photo 2016-02-16_2_skating_haverhill_002_zpsuqixxha9.jpg

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jane's post

How to get a baby dragon egg in 3 easy steps:

#1 Draw blood on your finger. (Baby dragons are almost like sharks; they're attracted to blood. Adults are not attracted to blood.) Not a lot, it can be only a tiny prick.

#2 Rub it onto a sharp object.

#3 Ring a cowbell, over and over. A baby dragon egg is sure to come. (Out of the sky. Heads up!)

 photo dragon2_zpsiwta7bfb.jpg

Invisibility potion in 4 easy steps:


#1 Mix a tablespoon of water with half a teaspoon of green food coloring.

#2 Add 3 tablespoons of orange juice and 1 teaspoon of milk.

#3 Add something to get rid of the taste. I suggust 1 gallon of strawberry ice cream.

#4 Eat! You will turn invisible for 1 hour. Then you will fade into visible, slowly.

 photo potion2_zpsq1hyzqxt.jpg

valentine fun

The kids loved all their valentines from school!

 photo 2016-02-12_school_valentines_001_zpsxlgzer9h.jpg

We had chocolate fondue for Valentine's dessert again. We ate in the living room by the fireplace because it was so cold out!

 photo 2016-02-14_fondue_001_zpsnkidrjnn.jpg

 photo 2016-02-14_fondue_008_zpskqm4pr5j.jpg

Sunday, February 14, 2016


We spent a sub-zero Valentine morning at the Friendly Toast and Science Museum. The kids had huge blueberry pancakes!

 photo 2016-02-14_1_friendly_toast_001_zpsghrblj1c.jpg

The new Animals in Motion exhibit was great!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_003_zpstpt90owo.jpg

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_006_zpsokwpibfi.jpg

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_010_zpskl5eikpk.jpg

There was a T. Rex skeleton borrowed from Chicago!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_012_zpsx7exuvls.jpg

The river was mostly frozen.

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_023_zpsl3od5tol.jpg

We didn't see this movie but I'm sure Jane would love to sometime!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_024_zpswlewbnbu.jpg

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

sledding hill

We never made it to the sledding hill last year because the snow was too deep. It was just right to go the other day and the kids had a lot of fun!

 photo 2016-02-07_4_sledding_stow_acres_003_zpslrxphps0.jpg  photo 2016-02-07_4_sledding_stow_acres_004_zpshpwpidef.jpg  photo 2016-02-07_4_sledding_stow_acres_006_zpsfoa3htxz.jpg


The kids have been really into baking lately. They have fun picking out recipes and making them without our help. Malcolm made chocolate-swirled meringues the other day!

 photo 2016-02-05_2_malcolm_meringues_001_zpsp2amtcql.jpg

Jane made whoopie pies with Malcolm's help when we had another snow day on Monday!

 photo 2016-02-08_2_jane_whoopie_pies_001_zpsptrb0rhx.jpg

 photo 2016-02-08_2_jane_whoopie_pies_004_zpsimf7z01m.jpg

When we had gone to the store to get ingredients, we also got seltzer. Malcolm said he was a "cool dude" drinking "soda."

 photo 2016-02-08_1_cool_dude_001_zpsxo9ub0v1.jpg

some snow

We got a decent snowstorm last Friday and the kids had a snow day. Jane went right out to build a snowman!

 photo 2016-02-05_1_jane_snow_001_zpsgyicoxuh.jpg

It cleared up in the afternoon and it was pretty out.

 photo 2016-02-05_3_snow_011_zpsp5awtfac.jpg

 photo 2016-02-05_3_snow_004_zpsw5rj70di.jpg

 photo 2016-02-05_3_snow_006_zpsbcdjj3eg.jpg

Mommy's evening drink fit the theme.

 photo 2016-02-05_4_polar_bear_vodka_001_zpsu93otlgt.jpg

The next morning there was a robin party!

 photo 2016-02-06_1_robins_001_zpsknn0rgd9.jpg