Sunday, February 14, 2016


We spent a sub-zero Valentine morning at the Friendly Toast and Science Museum. The kids had huge blueberry pancakes!

 photo 2016-02-14_1_friendly_toast_001_zpsghrblj1c.jpg

The new Animals in Motion exhibit was great!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_003_zpstpt90owo.jpg

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_006_zpsokwpibfi.jpg

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_010_zpskl5eikpk.jpg

There was a T. Rex skeleton borrowed from Chicago!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_012_zpsx7exuvls.jpg

The river was mostly frozen.

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_023_zpsl3od5tol.jpg

We didn't see this movie but I'm sure Jane would love to sometime!

 photo 2016-02-14_2_mos_024_zpswlewbnbu.jpg

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