Monday, January 23, 2017

Drumlin and owls

Jane had been asking for me to knit her a snowy owl for a long time, and I finally did. She brought Blizzard with her to Drumlin Farm!

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_002_zpsldwsit6g.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_005_zpssas4qsee.jpg

A lot of the sheep are due to have babies in March.

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_006_zpswxcw88vw.jpg

Jane showed the real owls her toy owl.

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_009_zpsbrr0if2l.jpg

Malcolm is inside the tunnel!

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_014_zpsrshzkbp0.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_015_zpsnnqxbamh.jpg

This is an adult mouse with a baby mouse. The kids thought the baby mouse was the cutest thing.

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_016_zpskojh7utq.jpg

It was really tiny!

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_017_zpsbppolbzq.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_018_zpsm4fsnu8d.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_021_zps1lmeckta.jpg

We were lucky enough to see Felix the cat!

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_031_zpse69dciio.jpg

The arugula made me hungry.

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_033_zps3jbkwngj.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_043_zpsvn975gwc.jpg

 photo 2017-01-22_1_drumlin_farm_045_zpsgdkf8pov.jpg

In the evening I made Malcolm a barn owl. He named it Cappuccino, Jr.

 photo 2017-01-23_snowing_waiting_bus_002_zpsumjoarmp.jpg

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I figured out how to get Malcolm to eat parsnips... put them in cupcakes!

 photo 2017-01-18_parsnip_cupcakes_002_zpsre0g2uja.jpg

 photo 2017-01-18_parsnip_cupcakes_001_zpsqr5e59tm.jpg

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

monster place, being silly and french toast

Malcolm wanted his photo taken so he could be in the Lego magazine. His project is called "Monster Place."

 photo 2017-01-11_malcolm_legos_001_zpsw3sscogt.jpg

Somehow they both fit in Malcolm's sleeping bag!

 photo 2017-01-14_kids_sleeping_bag_001_zpspvhug91z.jpg

Jane made french toast during the day off from school!

 photo 2017-01-16_2_kids_french_toast_001_zpsgt4yhrzp.jpg

January outings

We got some snow that lasted just long enough for me to cross-country ski one time!

 photo 2017-01-09_xc_ski_001_zpsaqmrsabx.jpg

My friend and I went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum last week. It's a very beautiful and eclectic collection!

 photo 2017-01-12_gardner_museum_001_zps8vm2agxj.jpg

 photo 2017-01-12_gardner_museum_002_zpskqc5ibtq.jpg

 photo 2017-01-12_gardner_museum_003_zpskk3bnsu1.jpg

Jane's class hosted the all-school meeting about cooperation last week. Once most of the students went back to class I took some photos of Jane and her friend Harper.

 photo 2017-01-13_1_jane_school_meeting_002_zps9qsczhcn.jpg

Jane and Malcolm wanted to play at the library playground the other day. I was shocked - they usually go straight for the books!

 photo 2017-01-15_goward_playground_001_zpshnke5fkl.jpg

 photo 2017-01-15_goward_playground_002_zpshyaudma5.jpg

Monday, January 9, 2017

birds, tools and a cat

Bluebirds came to visit the yard!

 photo 2017-01-05_1_bluebirds_003_zps18kmlrfm.jpg

 photo 2017-01-05_1_bluebirds_004_zpsv3kvpyvx.jpg

My friend April and I went to the Concord Museum's dollhouse exhibit (the kids didn't want to go). This is a photo of a tiny toolset! The hammer was only about an inch long!

 photo 2017-01-05_2_tiny_tools_concord_mus_001_zpsggvo6uyz.jpg

Westie interrupted my puzzle-making.

 photo 2017-01-07_westie_puzzle_001_zpsj5fesr8d.jpg

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day

We went to Boston to see the ice sculptures, but first we stopped at Barnes and Noble.

 photo 2017-01-01_1_barnesnoble_001_zpsyo5mhen3.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_1_barnesnoble_002_zps2yjkcbod.jpg

We were worried they had melted in the rain overnight, but they were still there!

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_001_zpsmqqbp8kn.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_006_zpsim6hopj1.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_012_zpsakuoznex.jpg

Jane had Hawaiian pizza for lunch!

 photo 2017-01-01_3_california_pizza_kitchen_002_zpsqjsrefpe.jpg

I had buffalo cauliflower, the best thing ever!

 photo 2017-01-01_3_california_pizza_kitchen_003_zpsql7rw8qq.jpg

New Year's Eve

We didn't do much for New Year's Eve but we had yummy drinks and food!

 photo 2016-12-31_2_new_years_eve_004_zpsij8sbxkt.jpg

 photo 2016-12-31_2_new_years_eve_008_zpscuvyzfon.jpg

last night of Hanukkah

Jane lit the menorah on the last night of Hanukkah (which also happened to be New Year's Eve)!

 photo 2016-12-31_1_8th_night_hanukkah_001_zpsh30hedzg.jpg

 photo 2016-12-31_1_8th_night_hanukkah_006_zpsomg1cbun.jpg

Malcolm got cheese, meat and crackers.

 photo 2016-12-31_1_8th_night_hanukkah_004_zpsglbah4ha.jpg

Jane got a Pusheen desk set.

 photo 2016-12-31_1_8th_night_hanukkah_005_zpsx3riacg8.jpg