Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day

We went to Boston to see the ice sculptures, but first we stopped at Barnes and Noble.

 photo 2017-01-01_1_barnesnoble_001_zpsyo5mhen3.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_1_barnesnoble_002_zps2yjkcbod.jpg

We were worried they had melted in the rain overnight, but they were still there!

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_001_zpsmqqbp8kn.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_006_zpsim6hopj1.jpg

 photo 2017-01-01_2_copley_square_ice_012_zpsakuoznex.jpg

Jane had Hawaiian pizza for lunch!

 photo 2017-01-01_3_california_pizza_kitchen_002_zpsqjsrefpe.jpg

I had buffalo cauliflower, the best thing ever!

 photo 2017-01-01_3_california_pizza_kitchen_003_zpsql7rw8qq.jpg

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