Monday, January 9, 2017

birds, tools and a cat

Bluebirds came to visit the yard!

 photo 2017-01-05_1_bluebirds_003_zps18kmlrfm.jpg

 photo 2017-01-05_1_bluebirds_004_zpsv3kvpyvx.jpg

My friend April and I went to the Concord Museum's dollhouse exhibit (the kids didn't want to go). This is a photo of a tiny toolset! The hammer was only about an inch long!

 photo 2017-01-05_2_tiny_tools_concord_mus_001_zpsggvo6uyz.jpg

Westie interrupted my puzzle-making.

 photo 2017-01-07_westie_puzzle_001_zpsj5fesr8d.jpg

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