Tuesday, August 16, 2016

field hockey

Jane went to her first camp ever last week: field hockey camp.

 photo 2016-08-09_1_field_hockey_003_zpsnlkehrur.jpg

 photo 2016-08-09_1_field_hockey_004_zpsowwsmaay.jpg

On the last day she was part of Team Sweden, so the girls wore blue and had braided hair.

 photo 2016-08-12_1_field_hockey_camp_003_zps7hw7ppmq.jpg

She made her shot on the goal!

 photo 2016-08-12_1_field_hockey_camp_005_zpsr6g6oad0.jpg

She loved it!

 photo 2016-08-12_1_field_hockey_camp_006_zpsinjisjnp.jpg

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