Saturday, August 27, 2016

harbor cruise

Last week we met Nana and Grammy in Portsmouth and went on a harbor cruise. It was about 75 degrees and sunny, so it was a perfect day! The bridge you can see in front recently got stuck in the "up" position. It's going to be demolished and rebuilt this fall.

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_005_zpsaexo5aci.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_010_zps9b0upicb.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_014_zpswcyf2kud.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_017_zpstbesnw03.jpg

At first I thought this must've been a fancy hotel in the past. It turns out it was a prison.

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_018_zps9lqtszub.jpg

We got to see two lighthouses!

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_036_zpsirikrejk.jpg

 photo 2016-08-23_1_portsmouth_harbor_038_zpszlrdxedv.jpg

After the boat ride we had lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery and then went out for ice cream. It was a fun day!

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Leigh Quievryn said...

That does sound like a fun day! I'll have to put it on my summer '17 calendar :-)