Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Boston Tea Party

The kids have been begging to go to the Boston Tea Party museum for years, and we finally went with Duncan and Cassidy!

 photo 2015-11-11_2_tea_party_gift_shop_002_zps4a3gg8sm.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_003_zpsm8liiipf.jpg

Throwing the tea overboard was the highlight, of course!

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_011_zpsqqfwnhj3.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_005_zpscuufci6z.jpg

 photo 2015-11-11_1_tea_party_museum_009_zpsclh0tqzy.jpg

We had lunch and dessert at a nearby bakery, it was delicious!

 photo 2015-11-11_3_boston_cream_pie_001_zps3sme0kui.jpg

We spotted this sculpture made of foam peanuts on our walk back to the train!

 photo 2015-11-11_4_ride_home_001_zps3wpty9al.jpg

I was glad they decided to read instead of goof off on the train.

 photo 2015-11-11_4_ride_home_002_zpslba86vly.jpg

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