Thursday, May 4, 2017

all-school dance

I went to see the kids do their dances behind the school. Second graders wore blue, so Malcolm wore his Brady shirt! (I blurred the other kids for security reasons.)

 photo 2017-05-03_2_aces_malcolm_001_zpsacqj7qnm.jpg

it was a whacky weather afternoon and it even rained during their song!

 photo 2017-05-03_2_aces_malcolm_002_zpssjkc4foa.jpg

I didn't hear about Jane needing an orange shirt until the day before. Luckily KMart is nearby and had just what I was looking for.

 photo 2017-05-03_3_aces_jane_001_zpsvhfcrmhs.jpg

 photo 2017-05-03_3_aces_jane_002_zpsdclg4jvb.jpg

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