Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moms in Maine

Before we went to Maine to celebrate mother's day and Grammy's birthday, I made peanut butter pie. It didn't really go with the Cinco de Mayo theme, but everyone liked it! Malcolm had come across the recipe and asked if we could have it.

 photo 2017-05-05_2_peanut_butter_pie_001_zpsoc9a19s1.jpg

Covered in chocolate!

 photo 2017-05-05_2_peanut_butter_pie_002_zpsq5aq0dfs.jpg

Ben and Amy brought a piƱata!

 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_002_zpsaj5gv3vl.jpg

 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_003_zpsqzx64qx6.jpg


 photo 2017-05-06_pinata_maine_004_zpswwypwwrx.jpg

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