Thursday, May 4, 2017

floral fun

I figured it was time to take some photos of what's blooming for Nana and Grammy to see! It's such a great time of year.

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_003_zpsmlhekmc8.jpg

In this photo you can see the weird castle-like addition my neighbors are building on to their c1686 house. It's been covered with tarps for several years!

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_005_zpsv6ufsslh.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_006_zpslqifxucw.jpg

My lilac collapsed last year during the drought. All winter I had it tied up with string, but the blooms are too heavy now. I switched to some Y-shaped sticks to hold it up. Maybe if I give it a trim it will stand up on its own again?

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_009_zpsbc7girok.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_010_zpspfntbt2y.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_012_zpsbuukmtud.jpg

 photo 2017-05-04_flowers_017_zps45kgc1vg.jpg

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