Saturday, February 25, 2017

syrup and sculptures

We made our trek to Parker's Maple Barn with our friends Maddy and Hannah! It was the first day of syrup-making for the year.

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_001_zpstu6phfwg.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_006_zpsgf211ofh.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_007_zpsmfccrgam.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_1_parkers_maple_barn_010_zpsjzqvqsha.jpg

Afterwards we went to a sculpture park in the woods. It was muddy and wet but we had fun exploring the sculptures!

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_004_zpsdinvrx15.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_006_zpsmqiepqnb.jpg

 photo 2017-02-24_2_andres_institute_008_zpso0a4twup.jpg

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