Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shelburne Farms

The kids missed school so we could go to Vermont to celebrate all of our birthdays. On Jane's birthday we went to Shelburne Farms. It was such a fun and beautiful place!

We started out in the gift shop and sampled different types of their cheddar cheese. What a great way to start our visit!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_002_zpsqohqcnxw.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_004_zpswaerh9ac.jpg

We walked to the farmyard about 10 minutes away.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_006_zpsb0ogwnpx.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_017_zpsvybs8jwv.jpg

There were animals to pet!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_024_zpst5v4yxdx.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_025_zpsxdkznu6o.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_028_zpscey5fwcm.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_029_zpskjh7iqs8.jpg

Cheese making!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_030_zpshhvqmjcn.jpg

The kids spent a LONG time grinding cornmeal. They had so much fun! What's ironic is we used to have a grain grinder like that but we don't anymore.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_036_zpshay5xycu.jpg

We stopped at the bakery for a croissant.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_039_zps1yroawzg.jpg

Having fun!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_040_zpsnxejqvoa.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_043_zpspwyu7ug2.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_047_zpssl3qj23b.jpg

We were allowed to go in with the chickens. That was probably their favorite part!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_051_zpsi5vxoylv.jpg

Jane, Malcolm and I milked a cow. Jane and I thought it was fun but Malcolm was a little creeped out.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_052_zps95vwrfsh.jpg

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_053_zpsvk8jxsab.jpg

They found a kitty!

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_055_zpsntfrioy5.jpg

Nice view.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_058_zpszyo0rl65.jpg

Jane was in charge of keeping the eggs safe on the way back to the gift shop.

 photo 2016-10-06_1_shelburne_farms_060_zps3aamiblm.jpg

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