Thursday, March 16, 2017

pi day blizzard

I didn't mind the blizzard on Tuesday. We got to sleep late, everyone stayed home and we made pumpkin chiffon pie.

 photo 2017-03-14_3_blizzard_002_zpsawfyda76.jpg

 photo 2017-03-14_3_blizzard_003_zpsrpgufog7.jpg

 photo 2017-03-14_1_pi_day_pie_001_zpszznk2cnx.jpg

Westie liked sitting by the fire!

 photo 2017-03-14_2_westie_box_fire_001_zpsyqitlpbh.jpg

The next day I got to go skiing!

 photo 2017-03-15_1_town_forest_001_zpsa854ckf5.jpg

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