Sunday, March 5, 2017

indoor fun

It's been very cold out! The kids asked to go to an indoor playspace. I thought maybe they were too old for it, but they still had fun!

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_001_zpsxbtsdlkr.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_004_zpssbhjkeux.jpg

Oops, they weren't supposed to go down that way.

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_006_zpsnpcq1kae.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_008_zpscnfk2d2z.jpg

 photo 2017-03-05_1_bb_kidz_klub_010_zpsdggghv5z.jpg

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