Sunday, March 8, 2015

science museum

This morning we went out for breakfast and then to the science museum. The kids had fun running around Kendall Square since it was a big open space!

 photo 2015-03-08_1_kendall_square_001_zpsfpctndix.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_001_zps5rpsxay5.jpg

We hadn't been to the Butterfly Garden for a while. It was nice and warm!

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_004_zpssfnd3blf.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_010_zpslz9rgveo.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_013_zpsgfxvq2ie.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_015_zpscwpdtslf.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_016_zpsfyes27sc.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_018_zpsrpmyeyb4.jpg

We learned about road salt.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_019_zpsuyrmzuxd.jpg

The Charles River doesn't freeze every winter, but it certainly is frozen this year.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_020_zps2twfwhnd.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_024_zpshk7lx6ot.jpg

Jane and I thought it looked like the yellow chick was in charge.

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_022_zpsovhksqvi.jpg

 photo 2015-03-08_2_mos_028_zpsckcnmj9e.jpg

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