Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! The only bad part was that I forgot to charge the camera battery so I took most of these with my phone, and they didn't come out that well!

 photo 2016-11-23_thanksgiving_prep_001_zpsxmhiyzay.jpg

 photo 2016-11-23_thanksgiving_prep_005_zpsmbw0mygf.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_005_zpsjv2woxtc.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_009_zpsxcakdbol.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_010_zpsfa2pauax.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_012_zpsnl5ycear.jpg

Playing baseball with a snowball and stick!

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_020_zpspsgz7xet.jpg

Reagan's broken arm didn't slow her down at all.

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_024_zps6dpkxvsa.jpg

Willow has a ponytail now!

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_027_zpsje2cf8rl.jpg

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_028_zpsc1dfypyj.jpg

Crafts with Nana

 photo 2016-11-24_thanksgiving_030_zpsrtv2adsn.jpg

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