Thursday, April 10, 2014


April has been very nice so far! It was even warm enough to draw on the driveway with chalk.

 photo 2014-04-01_kids_chalk_001_zpsbff44da7.jpg

 photo 2014-04-01_kids_chalk_004_zpscadc39c6.jpg

Malcolm and I walked to a playground a mile from our house. He felt like it was very far, but it was fun once we got there. To our surprise, the playground had been totally redone!

 photo 2014-04-03_1_malcolm_scooter_002_zps60dc17d3.jpg

 photo 2014-04-03_2_malcolm_playground_001_zps778641ed.jpg

 photo 2014-04-03_2_malcolm_playground_004_zps323a3c16.jpg

 photo 2014-04-03_2_malcolm_playground_005_zpsbce599fc.jpg

We even came back after school with Jane, although we drove the car.

 photo 2014-04-03_3_jane_playground_001_zps97e1e4e2.jpg

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Leigh said...

I'll have to check that out! I didn't know it was renovated either!