Monday, February 3, 2014

groundhog day

We went to Drumin Farm to celebrate Groundhog Day. The kids were anxious to see if Ms. G would see her shadow.

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_001_zps478b83ad.jpg

She did, no big surprise!

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_006_zps5a0ed52a.jpg

Both kids spilled their cocoa on the rug...

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_007_zps1c3b5d44.jpg

... so we went outside.

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_008_zps71f464ec.jpg

At this point, Malcolm was done with his outing. Nate had to take him home since he was still worn out from being sick. Jane and I visited all the animals.

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_012_zps93019e6a.jpg

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_018_zps05394dbb.jpg

She collected all different chicken feathers.

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_015_zps878d18a7.jpg

We walked out to the woods.

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_021_zps76b8f997.jpg

There's fun stuff to play on out there!

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_023_zps1ff9b4e2.jpg

 photo 2014-02-02_1_drumlin_groundhog_day_024_zpsf3ce3527.jpg


Leigh said...

The tree stump course in the woods is very cool! I didn't know that was out there.

Juliana said...

Cool outing! Has the weather been mild for you guys? We've had a very frigid winter here in Chicago! Brrr!!