Friday, August 14, 2015

Bolton Fair 2015

We had a great day to go to the fair this year with our friends. I only wish I had taken a photo of the delicious kettle corn we ate at the end of the day, but we were too busy devouring it!

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_004_zpsyz9wwj7x.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_005_zpssupavqif.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_013_zpstspltejc.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_014_zpsgomifbv6.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_018_zpsmkjzna1l.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_019_zpsrkij1qqc.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_021_zps0izpgcgq.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_025_zpsbahajbxs.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_026_zpsf9rfbpve.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_027_zpsestg02ia.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_028_zps0l5a3bin.jpg

Foot-long hot dogs!

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_029_zpsupkwswon.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_030_zpsmohbvvuy.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_031_zpstkmsp7n6.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_033_zps85c3ilzt.jpg

 photo 2015-08-14_bolton_fair_043_zpslv0lebw2.jpg

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Leigh said...

I don't know what it is, but all of a sudden Malcolm looks so much older to me! I wonder if you've noticed a change too or if it's just my eyes.