Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We headed north on Saturday, stopping in Portsmouth for breakfast.

 photo 2015-08-01_1_colbys_001_zpsqgbyoj6e.jpg

The pancakes were huge (and delicious)!

 photo 2015-08-01_1_colbys_003_zpso8go3n0t.jpg

Then we went to the cottage! Both grandmas were there as well as some cousins, aunts and uncles.

 photo 2015-08-01_2_cottage_004_zps9zvzhazy.jpg

 photo 2015-08-01_2_cottage_007_zpsdhb6iepk.jpg

 photo 2015-08-01_2_cottage_010_zpskcslvjkt.jpg

Reagan was there!

 photo 2015-08-01_2_cottage_013_zpsfcgqqo30.jpg

The kids had fun swimming with cousins.

 photo 2015-08-01_2_cottage_020_zps8ltneb5h.jpg

The Portsmouth Brewery was a fun place to stop on the way home!

 photo 2015-08-01_4_portsmouth_brewery_002_zpscoc9oazy.jpg

 photo 2015-08-01_4_portsmouth_brewery_003_zpswfjdbfda.jpg

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