Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jane's first soccer game

It started off very foggy during Jane's first soccer game. This year the girls play with a bigger field and net and they have goalies. They had a lot of energy during the first half but looked worn out in the second half!

 photo 2015-09-12_1_jane_u10_soccer_002_zps4wvmntqr.jpg

 photo 2015-09-12_1_jane_u10_soccer_005_zpsvoplmagy.jpg

 photo 2015-09-12_1_jane_u10_soccer_010_zpsmxz8fzhk.jpg

Jane played defense for part of the game and offense later on. We were winning by so many goals that we had to take out a player to make it more fair!

 photo 2015-09-12_1_jane_u10_soccer_015_zpsqhrblepn.jpg

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