Thursday, September 3, 2015

vacation at the cottage

We spent the last week of the summer at the cottage. We had some bad weather at first but it improved a lot. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the company of family and friends and some delicious food and drinks!

I tried to keep the photo count down but it was difficult! The photos you see here are only 10% of what I took!

Jane spent the whole week searching for seaglass. These are some of the pieces she found the first day.

 photo 2015-08-24_2_cottage_crafts_001_zpsk7bhhfky.jpg

Malcolm made a tiny chocolate chip cookie out of sculpey.

 photo 2015-08-24_2_cottage_crafts_002_zpso5k4ewaa.jpg

Toy bins:

 photo 2015-08-24_4_cottage_grill_crates_002_zpsrczkfk5m.jpg

 photo 2015-08-25_4_cottage_low_tide_003_zpslyhkwcin.jpg

We went to L.L.Bean a few times!

 photo 2015-08-25_5_llbean_003_zps4ztn0zvm.jpg

 photo 2015-08-25_5_llbean_005_zpsskdbtxrl.jpg

 photo 2015-08-30_4_llbean_001_zpszj966rah.jpg

We also went to a bookstore.

 photo 2015-08-25_6_freeport_gift_shop_004_zps5vjrycom.jpg

Duncan and Cassidy came to visit!

 photo 2015-08-26_2_cottage_lasters_004_zpsb0njucbk.jpg

 photo 2015-08-26_2_cottage_lasters_010_zpslnl2ixdc.jpg

 photo 2015-08-26_3_cottage_fog_001_zpsyftucace.jpg

Tyler, Lily and Nate visited the next day!

 photo 2015-08-27_1_cottage_browns_001_zpsmoifulo2.jpg

 photo 2015-08-27_1_cottage_browns_007_zpsr4r3jeaz.jpg

We spent time with Uncle Abe, Nana and Grammy.

 photo 2015-08-27_2_cottage_beans_rice_002_zpsa5ltqhfs.jpg

 photo 2015-08-27_3_cottage_low_tide_001_zpscebvfwvf.jpg

 photo 2015-08-27_3_cottage_low_tide_002_zpslnvrc28i.jpg

The full moon caused some very high and low tides which were fascinating.

 photo 2015-08-27_4_cottage_moon_sunset_ducks_001_zps1bbl16ws.jpg

 photo 2015-08-27_4_cottage_moon_sunset_ducks_004_zpsqwzqm3mb.jpg

 photo 2015-08-27_4_cottage_moon_sunset_ducks_009_zpsery2ovlm.jpg

I went running a few times but the kids only took one walk!

 photo 2015-08-28_1_cottage_walk_001_zpswbzdixxt.jpg

They tried fishing.

 photo 2015-08-28_2_cottage_fishing_004_zpstl5qzytc.jpg

We went out to lunch with Reagan!

 photo 2015-08-28_3_cottage_reagan_009_zps1nuxxmya.jpg

Sampling some Maine beer:

 photo 2015-08-28_4_grittys_001_zps5gl8gdyz.jpg

 photo 2015-08-25_11_cottage_beer_001_zpsr4cstbkm.jpg

Malcolm having an exhalted moment:

 photo 2015-08-28_5_cottage_low_tide_001_zpsrefbihky.jpg

Three cousins in a chair:

 photo 2015-08-28_7_cottage_fire_005_zpsuhudwd4d.jpg

Toasting hot dogs and marshmallows:

 photo 2015-08-28_7_cottage_fire_008_zpsaaniodz5.jpg

Delicious gelato and frozen custard!

 photo 2015-08-28_8_cottage_dessert_001_zps6ipczzbr.jpg

Super low tide:

 photo 2015-08-29_3_cottage_low_tide_011_zpsrwn4oekx.jpg

 photo 2015-08-29_6_cottage_kids_001_zpszdcabohh.jpg

A little cousin!

 photo 2015-08-30_2_cottage_ian_005_zpsnkmyblar.jpg

Reagan pretended to be asleep!

 photo 2015-08-30_3_cottage_reagan_hammock_001_zpssimjthom.jpg

Nana brought birdhouses for the kids to paint.

 photo 2015-08-31_2_cottage_crafts_003_zpsiqoj5zu1.jpg

Westie enjoyed her vacation, too!

 photo 2015-08-30_6_cottage_fuzzy_puff_001_zpsct4fdp27.jpg

One more sunset shot!

 photo 2015-08-30_5_cottage_beer_sunset_004_zpsx6mhxysa.jpg

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