Thursday, June 29, 2017

cold water

We had fun at the beach, although the water was cold! Malcolm was happy his friend came with us.

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_003_zpslrccnkyu.jpg

I think Jane gets buried every time we go.

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_006_zpsse4ttmgl.jpg

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_012_zpsl8ufiyqy.jpg

Coffee time!

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_014_zpslfpg8gql.jpg

A different way of being buried this time...

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_015_zpsc2llj01g.jpg

Sean's reclining lunch seat

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_016_zpsfzddnd9y.jpg

Gorgeous clouds!

 photo 2017-06-28_1_plum_island_017_zpsintgacyx.jpg

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