Sunday, June 4, 2017

equine excitement

For now Jane wants nothing to do with field hockey, softball, basketball or soccer, so she's trying horseback lessons. She had a great time the first week!

 photo 2017-06-03_1_jane_horse_001_zps3jsjv5cr.jpg

She learned how to brush Pete the pony.

 photo 2017-06-03_1_jane_horse_003_zps1kux9pum.jpg

 photo 2017-06-03_1_jane_horse_005_zps53hbv0p5.jpg

She got to ride him for a while. She learned how to make him turn, speed up, slow down and stop!

 photo 2017-06-03_1_jane_horse_008_zpsfhwaw38s.jpg

She loved it!

 photo 2017-06-03_1_jane_horse_012_zpsgwbadhs2.jpg

Afterwards we walked around the farm. They keep 60 horses there!

 photo 2017-06-03_2_century_mill_001_zpsnjjgg98m.jpg

A few woodchucks, too...

 photo 2017-06-03_2_century_mill_005_zpsiab4icsa.jpg

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