Sunday, January 4, 2015


We had a good winter break this year. We visited several museums and had lots of days at home for the kids to play with legos and all their presents.

We also went out for brunch one day. The kids got French toast!

 photo 2014-12-27_1_kids_brunch_002_zps588f7933.jpg

 photo 2014-12-27_1_kids_brunch_001_zps24b40607.jpg

I got a lot of knitting done!

 photo 2014-12-27_2_westie_knitting_001_zpse4c8d8bc.jpg

Nate and Malcolm made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with his new cookbook and baking cups. They were delicious!

 photo 2014-12-28_malcolm_muffins_001_zpsf4b3f90b.jpg

We spent a day at the Museum of Science.

 photo 2014-12-29_mos_001_zps1f679654.jpg

 photo 2014-12-29_mos_002_zpsbd3461a3.jpg

Right after the kids got out of the lunar module we ran into some friends from school! That was an exciting coincidence.

 photo 2014-12-29_mos_003_zps07ef419d.jpg

Just the other day we met some friends at the Discovery Science Museum. Jane and Malcolm love the mixing studio.

 photo 2015-01-02_1_discovery_science_museum_006_zpse92bbf24.jpg

 photo 2015-01-02_1_discovery_science_museum_003_zpsb749143b.jpg

 photo 2015-01-02_1_discovery_science_museum_004_zps8b489fb6.jpg

Malcolm and Hannah built a house together.

 photo 2015-01-02_1_discovery_science_museum_008_zpsc9ef2244.jpg

 photo 2015-01-02_1_discovery_science_museum_009_zps91902d43.jpg

It finally snowed and Jane played out in it!

 photo 2015-01-04_jane_snow_001_zpsbe6250a9.jpg

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Leigh said...

Love the picture of Westie in your knitting bag! So cute! Sounds like you all had a great vacation.