Sunday, July 12, 2015

Davis Farmland... again!

We went back to Davis Farmland on a hot day with our friends Andrew, Trevor and Colin. We had lunch when we arrived but then had to see the bunnies and kittens right away!

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_001_zpsctfoosbt.jpg

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_002_zpsenu57lhq.jpg

It was a great day for the splash park.

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_007_zps7r9zdscy.jpg

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_009_zpsgw4hrein.jpg

Jane loves to hold baby goats.

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_012_zps5fkvsdmx.jpg

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_016_zps0ktqecbl.jpg

This turtle was trying to escape!

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_020_zps3kj9jrop.jpg

Back to see the kittens!

 photo 2015-07-06_2_davis_farmland_sears_022_zps7zpt0esq.jpg

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