Thursday, July 2, 2015

first beach day

We met a bunch of friends at the beach and had such a fun time!

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_007_zps7mvalek7.jpg

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_008_zpstjrqwjpy.jpg

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_014_zpslnlkukun.jpg

Malcolm got surprised by a big wave!

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_015_zps8tecrxrs.jpg

It covered his head in sand.

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_018_zpsyticy6in.jpg

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_004_zpssyzp3w8v.jpg

 photo 2015-06-30_plum_island_005_zpszacco3vl.jpg

1 comment:

Leigh said...

That beach looks great! I think I'm sticking to the pool for the summer--it's just easier with Zoe, but my hope is to some day get back to beaches :-)