Monday, March 14, 2016

March happenings

Jane's third grade chorus concert was pretty cute! The theme was "winter" even though the weather is pretty spring-like!

 photo 2016-03-07_1_third_grade_concert_001_zpszm8hlptx.jpg

On March 11 I listened to every 311 song we have, and that's a lot!

 photo 2016-03-11_311_day_001_zps9wppi5nq.jpg

This month I started commuting to work again. It's a part-time freelance job designing cookbooks and I'm still home to watch the kids!

 photo 2016-03-14_2_green_line_001_zpso1ub7gw3.jpg

A flock of cedar waxwings feasted on our crab apples!

 photo 2016-03-14_3_cedar_waxwings_001_zps6kb0aiys.jpg

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