Saturday, March 5, 2016


We brought the kids to a family concert at Symphony Hall!

 photo 2016-03-05_bso_001_zpshodwxib1.jpg

It turned out they weren't thrilled about the crowded child activities before the show, but they loved the music!

 photo 2016-03-05_bso_004_zpsflbwqmvo.jpg

Next time we'll go to a normal show, not a kids' one so we don't hear crying babies the whole time.

 photo 2016-03-05_bso_009_zpsy7shxzzo.jpg

Both kids liked the theme from Star Wars the best but us parents chose Tchaikovsky as our favorite.

 photo 2016-03-05_bso_013_zpsd3wua4u7.jpg

Of course they enjoyed the part when we went out to lunch afterwards!

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