Sunday, July 24, 2016


We had been excited about the "Meow" exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum for months!

 photo 2016-07-20_1_worcester_art_museum_021_zpsujp0jojq.jpg

There were real, live cats to pet! Tiger was very friendly.

 photo 2016-07-20_1_worcester_art_museum_023_zpsnazbpq2u.jpg

 photo 2016-07-20_1_worcester_art_museum_024_zpspv7lprbe.jpg

Gizmo was really soft!

 photo 2016-07-20_1_worcester_art_museum_027_zpsdg3alm2z.jpg

The rest of the museum was really cool, too.

 photo 2016-07-20_1_worcester_art_museum_045_zpsus7erxh0.jpg

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Leigh Quievryn said...

Love the kitties xoxo