Sunday, September 11, 2016

applefest 2016

We had a fun applefest this year! Some of the photos are by Lindsay!

 photo 2016-09-10_1_applefest_prep_001_zpszdxa0lfh.jpg

 photo 2016-09-10_1_applefest_prep_004_zps3d56kzfk.jpg

 photo 2016-09-10_3_applefest_009_zps5dzi9s59.jpg

We made apples out of felt.

 photo 2016-09-10_1_applefest_prep_003_zpsnt8lo9j1.jpg

 photo 2016-09-10_3_applefest_010_zps95ing0st.jpg

There was a lot of yummy food, of course!

 photo 2016-09-10_3_applefest_006_zps6mp5nire.jpg

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Leigh Quievryn said...

Great way to celebrate the season!