Monday, September 19, 2016

exciting stuff

Last week I got the kids Pedroia shirts when I was at Fenway!

 photo 2016-09-14_pedroia_shirts_003_zpsdrt6sie2.jpg

Jane is going to play trumpet in the school band!

 photo 2016-09-15_2_jane_trumpet_002_zpsurzmlvhq.jpg

Jane and Maddy started a cooking club. Last week they told us they found a recipe for the "muffin recipe of the year" on the internet at school, and made these. After they were done Jane told me they had invented the recipe themselves but didn't tell us the truth because we wouldn't have let them try it! They actually came out pretty good!

 photo 2016-09-16_jane_maddy_cupcake_001_zpslct3qkep.jpg

The kids had fun doing activities at the library related to Roald Dahl books! They made chocolate slime, glow bugs and dream jars.

 photo 2016-09-17_2_glow_bugs_001_zpsfujcnezh.jpg

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