Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

For the first time at our house we had the kids hunt for eggs outside! Jane's eggs were hidden in the front yard, and Malcolm's were in the back yard so they'd end up with the same amount. I was glad there were some flowers out because it helped to hide the eggs!

 photo 2017-04-16_easter_egg_hunt_001_zps2eycbps5.jpg

Malcolm wore his bunny shirt and socks, of course!

 photo 2017-04-16_easter_egg_hunt_007_zpsfnqy1lpw.jpg

 photo 2017-04-16_easter_egg_hunt_011_zpsyiedday9.jpg

Yummy treats!

 photo 2017-04-16_easter_egg_hunt_017_zpsmus9gm9t.jpg

 photo 2017-04-16_easter_egg_hunt_018_zps1lmsjdfb.jpg

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