Sunday, April 2, 2017

spring snow

Another April snowstorm! The forecast called for 10-15 inches, but we only got about two. The kids still took the opportunity to play in it!

 photo 2017-04-01_2_kids_outside_snow_001_zps487kr8wl.jpg

 photo 2017-04-01_2_kids_outside_snow_002_zpstkybucwd.jpg

You can see Malcolm's snowman in the background. Jane always ends up eating the carrot nose when we give it to her, but Malcolm didn't!

 photo 2017-04-01_2_kids_outside_snow_003_zpsiwwxqfts.jpg

The next day was in the 50s so a lot of the snow melted!

 photo 2017-04-02_1_melting_snowman_001_zpsfipkt4aj.jpg

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