Friday, October 2, 2015

apple picking

A few weeks ago Friday was a half day so we went to pick apples in the afternoon!

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_004_zpsc5qakpal.jpg

It was a beautiful day for a hayride.

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_007_zpsnipip8ft.jpg

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_008_zpsqz7qnqbk.jpg

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_009_zpsmostlfde.jpg

We checked out the farm animals, too!

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_011_zps9trwsdqb.jpg

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_013_zpsici6wr7t.jpg

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_014_zpsk3qwibzo.jpg

The kids also did the hedge maze and tunnel maze, and we bought some cider to take home.

 photo 2015-09-18_honey_pot_015_zpsogtxgkvb.jpg

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